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Coronavirus Research

March 2020

Our unit involved in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic

The novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 that emerged in China in December 2019 and is continuing to spread all over the world constitutes a major public health emergency. With currently almost 130.000 people infected and close to 5000 deceased from the Covid-19 disease the search for factors involved in virus spread and replication is paramount to develop tools to fight the ongoing pandemic.

Using our internationally recognized expertise to discover host factors as targets for antiviral therapy, we have established the expertise and model systems to contribute to the global effort to find novel compounds to fight SARS-CoV-2 infection. Using established coronavirus model systems, we will discover host factors for the coronavirus life cycle focusing on virus cell entry and replication. Specifically, we will assess the antiviral activity of compounds targeting common host factors of HCV and coronaviruses. Collectively, we anticipate that our program will uncover novel strategies and compounds for antiviral therapy for urgently needed control and cure of coronavirus infection.

Please find more details on our research program in the .pdf document to download at the end of the page, and in this article (in French):

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