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Postdoctorant/ responsable de projet

Type de contrat et durée: 
Descriptif du poste: 

1er septembre 2017 : L'UMR 1110 recrute un postdoctorant ou un responsable de projet dans la découverte de nouvelles cibles cellulaire pour le traitement de l'hépatite B

Descriptif du profil recherché: 

The laboratory of Thomas F. Baumert, MD at Inserm - the French National Institutes of Health and the University of Strasbourg focuses on the functional genomics of virus-host interactions and the discovery of novel targets for cure of viral infection and treatment of liver disease (Colpitts et al. Gut 2017, Verrier et al. Cell Rep. 2016, Crouchet et al. Gut 2016, Verrier et al. Hepatology 2016, Felmlee et al. Lancet Infect. Dis. 2016, Mailly et al. Nature Biotechnol.2015; Majzoub et al. Cell 2014; Chung & Baumert N. Engl. J. Med. 2014; Zona et al. Cell Host Microbe 2013; Fofana et al. Gastroenterology 2012; Lupberger, Zeisel et al. Nat. Med. 2011).

What we are looking for

We are looking for a highly motivated scientist (PhD or MD) with a strong background in virology, cell biology or genomics to lead and manage an EU-funded project on the discovery of host factors as targets for HBV cure. A solid track record of publications and excellent communication skills with English proficiency are desired. French is not a prerequisite. The position is available from October 1, 2017 (negotiable).

What we offer

Aiming to discover of novel targets for hepatitis B virus cure,the scientist will apply cutting-edge technologies in functional genomics including genome-wide gain- and loss-of-function screens as well as single cell RNASeq profiling. We provide the opportunity to work in a stimulating, highly dynamic and international environment including strong collaborations with pharma. The unit is well funded including grants through the EU (ERC Advanced Grant, EU Infect ERA), the US National Institutes of Heath and industry. We offer a competitive remuneration package with strong benefits and excellent long-term career opportunities within the Inserm and University of Strasbourg tenure-track programs.

Please send your CV (including experience, publications and academic references) and a brief statement of research interests to: Prof. Thomas Baumert (unit head) Thomas.Baumert@unistra.fr and Dr. Catherine Schuster (deputy unit head): Catherine.Schuster@unistra.fr.