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Descriptif du poste: 

08 juillet 2019 : Futurs doctorants – Contactez-nous! La qualité de notre encadrement garantit la formation de scientifiques de niveau international.

Descriptif du profil recherché: 

PhD program in life science – human disease models for liver cancer

A three-year position for a PhD candidate is open at the Inserm Institute for Viral and Liver Disease (Inserm U1110) and the Laboratory of Excellence HepSYS (Head: Prof.Thomas F. Baumert, MD) at the University of Strasbourg, France. The institute is located in a state-of-the-art infrastructure and an internationally renowned research environment. Inserm and the University of Strasbourg are consistently ranked among the leading research organisations. The Baumert laboratory focuses on the investigation of the cell circuits driving chronic liver disease and cancer and the discovery and development of urgently needed preventive and therapeutic strategies (Aizarani et al. Nature 2019, Lupberger et al. Gastroenterology 2019, Hamdane et al. Gastroenterology 2019, Zhuang et al. Nature Comm 2019, Verrier et al. Cell Rep. 2016, Nakagawa et al. Cancer Cell 2016, Mailly et al. Nature Biotechnol. 2015). Research is funded by the European Commission (ERC AdG and PoC), Inserm, the French Cancer Association, the US National Institutes of Health and Pharma.

Offre :

Within our international PhD program you will develop and apply spheroids and organoids from human patient tissue to investigate the pathogenesis of chronic liver disease and cancer aiming to discover novel therapeutic targets. Your PhD program is embedded into the University of Strasbourg Life Science Graduate School (head: Dr. Catherine Schuster) including a top-level graduate education in life sciences, tech transfer and biomedicine. We provide the opportunity to work in a highly dynamic and international environment and a world-class network within cutting-edge research organisations, hospitals and pharma.

Profil :

You are a highly motivated and curious graduate student with a completed MS. A solid background in cell biology and potentially computational analyses is desirable. MDs with interest in translational research are also encouraged to apply. You have excellent communication skills in written and spoken English. French is not required.

To apply, please send your motivation letter (why you are interested in the PhD program as well as mid-term career goals) and CV (work experience and two references) to Prof. Thomas Baumert (Thomas.Baumert@unistra.fr) and Dr. Catherine Schuster (Catherine.Schuster@unistra.fr).